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ok first off i LOVE the elder scrolls series and i figured id write a backstory about my most recent character Anders Trueshot and how he came to skyrim

Born in cyrodill under the thief stone Anders lived out most of his child hood running around the city of Anvil with his long time friend Balon the two were inseperable and typical small time trouble makers it had landed them one friend in the Guard Jack whitebreath a nord so after a couple of yrs balon and anders are about to go through weapons training and anders being a trueshot trys to up hold the family name and begins archery while balon begins with daggers it was a troubiling time the war had started to spread down towards cyrodill alot of the nords were begining riots and jack was caught in the middle the boys quickly excelled at there training but anders wanted more in life so he began getting into more and more trouble with balon and it got so bad at a point where they had stolen from foreigners whom had turned out to be monks from the akaviri isles who were rarring to kill the boys but instead offere one of them a chance to repent so anders being all noble decided to go and the agreement was that he could return in one yr so while he was away the fights and riots got worse and his friend balon had become an arsonist and jack was now captain of the guard when anders returned his mother and father and grandfather were there to greet him hom
e but no sign of his friends then he had gathered info around town and discovered that balon had moved north to escape the gaurds so once again anders was preparring to leave but the imperial legion stopped him saying this was  legion business and further interference would be meet with death so he decided to bide his time and cought up with Jack whom was tring to keep his city from breaking point sevral weeks passed and a stormcloak supporter riot had ingulfed th town and anyone who wasnt a true nord or supporter was to leave the city the results were catastrophic the riot had reached anders house he was away in the woods at the time until he saw smoke from the direction of anvil he rushed to find his entire family dead and jack was being shot at by the supporters archers anders had dashed across the battelfield and scooped up a pair of daggers layig beside jack and the two began a die hard speach

damned maniacs will burn down the city how many people have escaped all but the gaurds and our lord does nothing standing in his castle while his city buns time ofor us to end this aye its been an honor knowing you anders what do you mean your buying drinks when this is over HA thats the spirit
the charged into battle killing almost evreyone after a full knight of gaurd vs supporter death match it was over a now orphaned 15 yr old anders is alone well not intirely alone the nxt day the citizens came back to repair the damages and the empire scouts asked what had happened anders charged the lader

WHY COUDNT YOU PROTECT YOUR OWN HOMES MY FAMILY LIES DEAD and jack had to pull him off they said they were sorry for his loss but they were on pursuit of the arsainist that crashed the emperors ball who Balon and now Anders and jack had a new mission to find Balon and take revenge on the empire and Ulfric Stormcloak for not saving anvil from the fire and killing his family several weeks passed before they made it to bruma and now they have made a discovery that balon was at dark water crossing so they traveled north and found him traveling with a company of storm cloaks and when they stopped they came crawling out of the woods and jack immediatley attacked him

Jack what are u doing

hes with the storm cloaks hes wearing thee armor and there war paint and then a fight spralled out just before the main company of stormcloak honor gaurd came through jack was killed by balon and balon escaped during the storm cloak ambush and where jack was the captain of the anvil guard it looked incriminating to see a blood covered bosmer over a nord in imperial armor so there u have it tell me what u think


United States
not much to say

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Iamamockingjay Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You needed help with the comic right?
yes i need scene scetches and charater sketches if u can make them and show me how to put them onto d art ill share the credit 50 50 for the story
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
Iamamockingjay Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I can put them on my page and credit you for the idea, because I'm the one drawing the comic. I can label them as collaboration work under a gallery folder and then credit you in the description on the artwork.
would it work if i gave descriptions
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